Twython is now available on Debian

por Josue Ortega

After I debianzed twython [], finally this incredible

and easy to use wrapper of Twitter API for Python is on the Debian official repositories, by the moment

is available only in Debian SID, in about ten days will be on Debian Testing and lets hope that the package stays there

after the freeze on November 🙂 to be included in Debian 8.

Twython has a terrific documentation which make even easier learn to use it.

A couple of weeks  ago I wrote a Twitter plugin using Twython for our under development IRC bot [] . You can check the code and realize that is

really easy to use.

I’m glad that finally the package had got into the archive 🙂 and I am on charge of it.

The package is available in its Python 2 version and Python 3 as well

To install it:

apt-get install python-twython python3-twython

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